A Passion of Mine


I am a postpartum doula, trained to support the mama/baby relationship in the early days and weeks following birth. I believe each woman and her family should be free to invest their energy as lead by their own heart, and it is my goal to encourage and support this.
I birthed and breastfed 4 children, and raising them on wholesome foods has always been paramount. I began my “health walk” when I was 19 years old in effort to lose the 40 pounds I gained during my first year of college…and it worked. I’ve learned a lot, some things later than I wish I had, and know there is always more to learn.. Some things are not that complicated, but a little help may be needed. I have 30++ years experience in, and am passionate about nourishing, not just feeding. I think we do best to examine the research drawn from healthy people to learn about nutrition. I also believe that we can even strengthen ourselves against environmental factors. Nourishment is key.
It’s not just what to avoid, but what to fuel and (hopefully) fortify your body with, so it can best do what it needs to do….NOURISH TO FLOURISH!